A ‘Birds Eye’ View for Tyler Perry in Hollywood Hills

Owner: Tyler Perry [and probably his alter-ego, Madea]
Location: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Listing Price: $9,600,000, November 2006
4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

This incredible view home is owned by playwright, director, producer, and actor, Tyler Perry. Perry is no stranger to the headlines, but you may or may not recognize him by his real name. Perry’s most famous character is the outspoken yet endearing character, Madea. He is well known for several plays and movies including: Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Daddy’s Little Girls, the award winning movie Precious, and even a guest role in JJ Abrams Star Trek.

Perry hasn’t always been a Hollywood A-lister, but he gets an A+ in our book for this incredible home. The house itself is an architectural masterpiece with incredible Modern style. The house simply oozes with sophistication.  These photos are from when the home was last on the market, so chances are good that Perry has altered the home (at least a little bit) to create the ultimate bachelor pad. Perry also owns several other properties and a Movie Studio in Atlanta, GA.

The views from this home make you feel like you’re floating over the city in a spaceship. The incredible views command your full attention in every room while the unique details set this home apart.

The use of stairs in the center of the home provides both form and function. The dramatic staircases create clean lines and offset the gorgeous wood floors perfectly – making the staircase a piece of art!

The home also offers several large walls that provide a gallery like setting for displaying your artwork or photos.

Some of the homes hidden gems include: a mirrored alcove in the billiards room that is actually a window into the swimming pool and a glass floor catwalk that serves as the ceiling to the wine cellar.

Of course, what celebrity home would be complete without a full bar/lounge area, gym, and screening room?

The master suite is one of the best rooms in this home because you can enjoy the views of the city lights with the Sunset Strip as well as Downtown all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This incredible modern home really has it all.


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