Los Feliz

Griffith Observatory

Los Feliz is a an affluent community that at times seems small and quaint. It might feel that way because many of the people who would have lived in the Hollywood Hills choose this area for its seclusion. It’s exclusive – think celebrities that don’t want the hustle and bustle but still need to be close enough to the action. And action it has, with its boutiques, restaurants and cafes, its access to Griffith Park for jogging, walking and picnics, it really is picturesque. Combine that with the architectural heavy hitters such as Frank Llloyd Wright Richard Neutra and a rich historical past.

Where is Los Feliz?

It is home to the southern tip of Griffith Park, with the Los Angeles River to the east, Western Ave to the west and adjacent to Silver Lake. Here is a map of the area.

Architecture of Los Feliz

Three of the most well known homes in Los Angeles, the Ennis House and Hollyhock House by Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra’s Lovell House are located in Los Feliz. These icons of the 20s are now landmarks that can be seen in films that span the last half century. The homes by Wright were in the Mayan revival style, inspired by the Mayan buildings in Uxmal – they are unique and distinctive.

The majority of the homes in Los Feliz were built between the two World Wars and the architecture reflects both Spanish and Mediterranean revival styles. If Country English or Norman French is your cup of tea you’ll find them in good standing here. Both Modern and Moderne homes can be found in the Los Feliz hills. Some other notable architects include Raphael Soriano, Rudolph Schindler and J.R. Davidson.

History of Los Feliz

Back in 1830’s this area was once a large a large ranch and one of the first land grants in California. There were a few owners after the Feliz family, one in particular Colonel Griffith J. Griffith who donated more than half the ranch to the city of Los Angeles. The area, Griffith Park, became one of the largest city owned parks in the entire country.

Walt Disney drew his first image of Mickey in his uncle’s garage located in Los Feliz. He later opened the first Disney studio on Kingswell Avenue. Other studios followed suit, including KCET, D. W. Griffith and ABC.

Where to Go and Things to Do in Los Feliz


Visit the Hollyhock House or Ennis House

Ennis House interior

Even if you are not an architectural buff you’ll really enjoy touring these historic homes. Both are amazing properties and if booked in advance they are not too expensive to tour. The Ennis House is only available for tours Visit Hollyhock House tours on the second Saturday of Jan, March, May, July, September and November. Book ahead by calling 323-688-0234. For the Hollyhock House visit here for information.

Griffith Park

4730 Crystal Spring Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027
The Park as mentioned earlier is one of the largest parks owned by a city in the whole of the US. Bring a blanket and a basket for a picnic, take a jog, plan a camping trip or rent a bike and tour around the area. The Griffith Observatory has amazing vantage points of the city and should not be missed. If you still have time try to stop by the LA Zoo.

Alcove Café & Bakery

Alcove Café & Bakery

1929 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

This is my go to lunch spot whenever I am in the neighborhood. It’s a long time favorite with all of the locals around Los Feliz, serving up huge portions of fresh ingredients. Don’t miss the brunch, it’s delicious.

McCall’s Meat & Fish Company

2117 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Local butcher that places an emphasis on fresh, local and natural food sources. This is a great example of the Los Feliz community, a local small butcher shop thriving like it would in Europe. With interesting very high quality cuts of premium meat and fish throughout the year.


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